Anastasios (Anastase) Tashie

Born in Meagarovo, he travgelled with his father Lazaros from Megarovo to their tailor shop in Albania ( either Valona/Avlona/Vlorë or Agia Saranda /Sarandë). It was a coastal city on the Adriatic, and most of their customers were Italian men. For this reason, Italian, and Albanian were languages that they spoke fluently, along with the Greek, Vlah, Turkish and Serbian they would use in Monastir.

They travelled once(or was it twice a year from megarov to their other shop in Albania. They travelled by mule karavan. Besides the goods they brought for trade, they had to carry money to pay to the 'dervenagas' or brigands that guarded the mountain passes and demenaded 'tribute' in order to pass.

At age 11 (~1893) he moved with his father to Albania where their shop was. Before this, when his mother died, Zoi and Konstantine took hm under their wing. Zoi, a teacher, instilled a love of books and learning in him. He used to say that he came to America(in 1903) because he had read all the books in his village..... .

Anastasios Tahi/ Tashie

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