This information that I have is, to the best to my knowledge, true. If you have any other information, corrections, or additions, please let me know so we can all share this information.

Also, it would be helpful if any grandchildren or great-grandchildren of Lazaros or Konstantinos could provide info on further descendants, as well as birth and death information(dates and place) for anyone they can add to this 'tree'.

Where it started. Megarovo /Magarovo is a large prosperous (at the time) village just outside the major city of Monastir/Manastir/Bitola. For hundreds of years this was part of the Ottoman Empire. Monastir was an important center, and in many ways was multicultural and polyglot.

From the time of birth of Anastase, Demetrios, Nick, Tom, and Peter, and coinciding with the decline of the Ottoman Empire, this was a hotly contested area, with claims made by the Greeks, the Serbs, the Bulgarians, and Ottomans. Leadership changed quickly. This played out in travel documents of the time, where immigrants coming from Megarovo stated they were: Turkish, Greek, Serbian, or Romanian.  This is a complicated issue, best dealt with by impartial historians.

Our name. The oldest written records in Greek that I see show the name as Τάχης which would be pronounced TA-hees ( with the accent on the first syllable TAH ( as in Lake Tahoe) . The second syllable has the X letter in Greek, which can't be pronounced correctly in English, it is not an H, but pronounced almost like the CH in the Scottish Loch, or the Hebrew Chai, but softer than any of those pronunciations (It is definitely not pronounced KS as in Taxi-cab). And thus the problem of how to write/transliterate it into English.

Some who came to America said or had their name written in English as either Tahis, Tachis, Tachis, and later Tashie.

In Greek, the name could be the equivalent of 'Swift'. Some have suggested (incorrectly I believe) that it is from the Turkish for Master Mason (Tashji). I don't yet know what it would mean, if anything, in Vlach.

Other families in Megarovo have the similar and related names Taxou, Taxiou. To complicate matters even more, older Greek names had different forms for men, and the wife had a different version ( masculine possessive) of the husband's name, so Taxi would become either Taxou or Taxiou for a wife. Hmm......

I am putting this family tree info up as images, and also in text. I don't have any names older than Konstantine and his brother Lazaros. By convention, their eldest sons would be named after their father, but with the information I have so far, this doesn't hold true.

Below are the family trees and descent from different generations and different men. Click to go directly to that tree:

  1. First Generation of the brothers Konstantine, Lazaros, and 3 sisters
  2. Konstantine's line
  3. Lazaros's line
  4. Anastasios through Lazaros
  5. Demetrios through Lazaros

You will also be able to see and view

  1. Gus's (Constantine) line on Anastasios's page ( also George, Paul, Jimmy, Carol, John)
  2. John's line through Demetrios's page
  3. George's line through Demetrios's page
  4. Irene's line through Demetrios's page

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1. Original generation: Konstantinos, Lazaros, Shunda, Anastasia, Maria

There were 2 Brothers and 3 sisters from Megarovo, born circa 1840. 1 of the sisters married Tikas, 1 married Kondoyiannis in Florina. Konstantine married Zoi, a teacher

Lazaros married Maria Hadji, had 2 children, was widowed, then married the widow Chrysanthe Apostolos ( known as Santa) who had 1 daughter Thalia.

Santa’s daughter Thalia married Christos Ioanidis and had 3 children:Costa, Maria, and Anastasia. Ioanidis later changed their name to Jovanavichand lived in Bitola(Monastir)

Names associated with Santa, but I don’t know if they were children from previous marriage, or siblings, were: Sotiris, George, Donka, and Rushka


Original Generation

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