Lazarus Tahi (Tashie) Τάχη

Lazaros married Maria Hadji and had 2 children (Anastasios and Fani). Hadji was probably not her full maiden family name. It was most likely something like Hadjim͟i͟c͟h͟a͟l͟i͟s͟ or some other name. Hadji is a tiltle, and used as the first part of a name, for someone, if Muslim, who made the pilgrimage to Mecca, or if Christian, went to Jerusalem and/or was baptised in the river Jordan. Hadji+their first name then became their family name.

Maria Hadji Died and he re-married a widow(Chrysanthi Apostolos, known as Santa) who had 2 children , a boy, and a girl named Thalia). With her he had 3 children( Demetrios, Herakleia, and Athena)

Lazarus Tahi

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