Askomandouras (bagpipe from Crete)

There are two main categories of bagpipes that are used throughout Greece.

The first is a type that has a single piped chanter, and a separate 1-note drone pipe. They are generally called gaida, although other names and variations of the name are found.

The second type has no drone, but has a double pipe chanter. 1 pipe has 5 holes, and the second has anywhere from 1 to 5 holes. These, depending on the region found, are called tsambouna, askomandoura, touloum, etc.

The Laz touloum here is from the Lazuri people of the Black Sea

Askomandoura (Ασκομαντούρα) is the common word that they use on the island of Crete for their 'tsambouna' style bagpipe that has no drone pipe. It has a double chanter, with each chanter pipe having 5 holes. The chanter casing is usually elaborately carved. These were all collected in Crete about 35 years ago.