1. Demetrios Tahi Tahis Tashie Τάχη Τάχης

Demetrios left for America, and married Evdoxia Sinos, who was from Labovo North Epiros (Argyrokastro)

They had 3 children: Lazaros(known as John), George, and Irini

  • Notes: Demetrios’s sister Heraklei amarried Kosta Paspalis
  • Note: Athena, Herakleia, their mother Chrsanthe(Santa) all died from the Spanish Flu epidemic 1919

Demetrios Tahi / Tashie

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George Mildred RoseSchinelli b. 2.27.1934 in Brooklyn, NYd. 1.11.2013 Thomasville, FL b. 3.18.1932 in Philadelphia, PAd. 6.16.2013 Thomasville, FL Joe Luke LauraPersons Arik Christina Sophia ? StevenClawson Clara ? Darian Evander Michael Stephen Emily Camille Olivia Stephanie Catie Carolyn Chyu Jim MelindaMoncrief Eve DavidAdams KathyRyan Jonothan Ryder Miller Hannah ? Evelyn Isabel
this is irene's's tree