For Vaia and Maria:

I am going through the hard task of digitizing my old cassettes. So much has been lost already as the tapes deteriorate.

In doing so I found what I think is the whole night of music for our Oct 26, 1991 event at the Crystal Palace. There were so many musical groups, a great night. I will post them all so you can download them, and then put them on your own sites if you want. You can both listen here, as well as download the MP3 files.

There is another tape of what was the 7th Festival of Music and Rhytym. I think this was a different night as it was a different clarino player, and i recognize Yiani Roussos on Santouri and George ( Stathos? or Manioudakis maybe) on clarino. Hopefully you remember better than I do ha ha..

Listen here:

1. Paul Ginis Intro and singing Thesalia GAFS 7th Festival of Music and Rhythym

2. Paul Singing Aetos at 7th Festival

3. Paul introducing musicians at GAFS Oct 26 1991 event